Today was our trip to Cape Cod where we played on the beach and hoped to see at least one whale or maybe a glimpse of its tail. To put it in a single sentence, this day exceeded all of our expectations. There is nothing I can write to express the excitement and awe experienced by our children today. Therefore, the post for Day 4 will be written by the students themselves.

Today was beach day. It will be my favorite day of the week. Whales and dolphins are at the jetting!

This morning, we went to Cape Cod and played a little on the beach. Then, we went on a cruise boat. We traveled 1h to get to the Gulf of Boston where we watched whales feeding. The tour guide explain to us the pattern the whales used to eat fish. We also saw dolphins there. It was the best!

Today, we went to Cape Cod area of Massachusetts. We first stopped at the bay to explore and play a bit but not for long. Then we went to a whale watching boat to see whatever came up from the water. After speeding 30 miles per hour on our boat, we saw a fin, then two, then three and so on. There were Humpback whales, seals and dolphins. Then after seeing them for hours we turned back, sped up, and went back. Then we went to the bay again and played and stayed for longer than the other time. Then we head back to the bus and drove back to the hotel.

C’était génial et on a vu plein d’animaux comme des dauphins, des baleines et même des otaries. J’ai acheté plein de souvenirs car c’était vraiment génial!

Today was sick!!! We went to the beach in Cape Cod and it was amazing. I can still feel the sand between my toes and the smooth waves knocking me to the ground. I would do anything to relive that brother-free moment.🌊

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