Why does a Referral Program exist?

The Referral Program exists because our Community of families is our strength. Word of mouth is an engagement pillar allowing the school to build a sustainable model for excellent bilingual education.

We recognize the importance of the Community’s engagement with the school. So we have put in place a program that rewards parents for their involvement. This program is designed to reward families while increasing their engagement. We hope you will be able to take full advantage of it and be an active participant in our community!

Refer The French American Academy and earn a discount on your tuition!

Earn up to $1,000 * in credit on your tuition or after / before care fee for each new enrollment you refer. What’s more? Parents you refer earn up to $1,000*  in credit too!

How it works

We have made it simple

* $1,000 is for a 10-month enrollment Sept to June

** Enrollment charges : Application fees + New student fees + Insurance fees + Computer insurance fees + Inscriptions fees

Terms and Conditions


Can I choose between a credit on tuition and Before / After care fee?

Yes, this is totally up to you

Is the program applicable for this school year?


Is the program applicable in both campus?

The program is only applicable at Jersey City Campus at this time.

What happens if a family from a campus refers a family for the other campus?

Unfortunately, the program do not apply to cross-campus referrals.

If I refer a new family in the middle of the year, how will you calculate my reward ?

We will calculate both your and the new family reward prorata temporis. So for example, if you refer a family who comes in November 1st, your reward will be as follow :

Can you give the reward in its entire amount to one family only (the current one or the new one)?

No, we can’t. It is a shared reward

If the new family enrolls several children, will every child’s tuition get a reward?

The program is for one tuition (1 student) only.

I paid the tuition for the full year when I enrolled. I am not using after / Before care. How can I get the reward?

We will issue a refund corresponding to the amount of the reward you are entitled to.

What happens if I refer new parents but the school cannot accept their application for whatever reason (class full, application refused….)?

We will not be able to pay a reward. We will apply rewards only after the enrollment charges** are paid and the new student has attended more than 14 days of school.

If I refer new parents but they do not enroll after all, even if he has paid the first deposit, will I get rewarded?

No. We apply rewards after the enrollment charges** are paid and the new student has attended more than 14 days of school.

When can I expect to see my credit?

We apply rewards after the enrollment charges** have been paid and the new student has attended more than 14 days of school.

If I refer a new family who pays all due enrollment charges** and this family’s student is withdrawn before the 14th day of school, will I still get my reward?

A New student must attend more than 14 days of school in order for the reward to be applied.

Does this program apply to the school staff too?

No. This program only applies to parents of the French American Academy who are not members of the school’s staff.

If I enroll a sibling, is it a referral?

No. We have a separate program for siblings allowing them to receive a 7% discount when they enroll at the school. Check the Tuition page for more details

Can a new family be referred by 2 referrals ?

No. There can only be one referral per new family.

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