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FAA Teacher Benedicte

Bénédicte Berger
PK3 & PK4 – French



1. Why do you teach?
It’s incredible to contribute to a child’s development, well-being and education. Being an early childhood teacher means instilling the basics, helping build the foundations of a child’s life. It’s a very rewarding and motivating job, because we get to see our pupils blossom rapidly. It feels a bit like being the magician who turns every child into a school student!

2. What do you like about teaching at the FAA?
I like our small class sizes, which allow me to get close to the children. I enjoy having a lot of interaction with them – it helps me understand their individual needs. I can get really involved in providing personal, caring support for each of my students.
I also enjoy working as part of a team with my co-teacher. This collaboration is an opportunity to develop creativity. Teamwork allows us to innovate new teaching practices. It’s motivating and challenging!

3. Do you have any projects or activities that you’re excited for this spring?
Spring promises to be full of projects! At the moment, we’re discovering outdoor painting in the style of the Impressionist artist Claude Monet, and in bilingual sessions with my co-teacher Jessica, we’ve started learning about the savannah. The work will continue with the creation of a digital book. We’re also planning a visit to an art museum, but shhh… that’s still a secret!

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