Is your Child Prepared for Tomorrow’s World?

As a parent, ensuring your child’s fluency in French and English and readiness for a globalized world can be challenging. At our Bilingual School in Jersey City, Englewood and Hoboken we use French and American curriculums to prepare your child for tomorrow’s world.

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“The community is international and very caring: parents, teachers and staff. Everyone works together to help children grow and thrive.”

The Gift of Bilingual Education

Our curriculum & teaching philosophy is based on 50+ years of research that shows:

Learning in 2 languages has an exponential effect on the cognitive development of a child’s brain

Children retain more information when they are engaged in solving real-world problems

Children learn best when they are having fun 

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What is The French American Academy Education

We Challenge, We Cultivate, We Inspire

✅ Well-Rounded Curriculum 

We go beyond academics with day trips for preschoolers to places like Liberty Science Center and the Firehouse Station. For older students, we have multiple day field trips to locations such as Arizona’s desert, New Orleans’ lagoon, Quebec’s historic sites, and more!

✅ Math & Science Focused 

With dedicated STEM teachers and our Math Club, we are challenging our students to apply their Math & Science knowledge outside of the classroom! 

✅ Structured Learning  

Our play/project-based approach combines academic, social, and emotional development through fun and engaging activities like building, construction, and arts and crafts.  

✅ True Bilingual Education  

Our preschool program and bilingual curriculum not only allow our students to speak, read, write, count, and think in both languages, but it also gives students a cognitive & cultural edge over their monolingual peers.

✅ Highly Trained Teachers   

Our teachers have a minimum of 3+ years of experience, a masters degree, and they are ALL native speakers of French and English language.

✅ Accredited Education

Our accredited by both the French & American education authorities demonstrate our commitment to providing high-quality education and meeting the highest standards in French and American education. 

Why Families Love The French American Academy

FAA Parent

Both of my kids have been going to FAA since Pre-K2 (currently in K) and Pre-K3 (currently in 5th grade). The school not only provides a bilingual education and exposure to many cultures, but it also fosters critical thinking and a love of learning in the students. The teachers and staff are dedicated, nurturing and fun, and we have made life-long friends in the close-knit community.

FAA Parent

My children have attended FAA for many years. We love the focus on academics, sense of community, and diversity of the school. They provide a rigorous curriculum that challenges and inspires students to reach their full potential. The faculty and staff are highly qualified, passionate, and dedicated, and they work to ensure that each child receives personalized education and care. It provides a unique educational experience that prepares students for success in a global society while instilling values of empathy, compassion, and community.

FAA Parent

The FAA is a hidden gem. Small classes and close attention to the children. Our kids are super excited to go to school every morning. This school has a great bilingual curriculum and a special mathematics curriculum. The FAA puts a great emphasis on math as well as arts and music.

FAA Parent

Our 3 children attend the French American Academy and it is truly a gem in the community. As a bilingual and bicultural school, it offers a unique educational experience that prepares students to be global citizens in our increasingly interconnected world. The school's commitment to academic excellence, cultural immersion, and personalized attention to each student's needs and strengths is truly impressive. Overall, the school is a great institution that provides an exceptional education and a truly enriching experience for students and families alike.

FAA Parent

My grandson has been attending FAA since pre-K, age 3. Michael can speak and write in French although he comes from a monolingual English-speaking home. He has started to read children's books in both French and English. Class size is small with two creative and licensed French teachers and one English native-speaking licensed teacher. FAA methodology should serve as a model for American schools for its concentration on academics without sacrificing discipline or playtime.

FAA Parent

My son has been going to FAA since first grade and is now halfway through 6th. We could not be happier with his TOTAL academic achievement. I say total because he is not from a bilingual family , but he has learned to speak French fluently with a beautiful accent, he has shown immense appetitive from the States MAP testing - he loves school, math, science, reading- his hand writing is superb by the way. We feel he is getting the best education and the school has help us mold out son into a confident free thinking creative who plans to make a positive difference in this world

The French American Academy by the Numbers

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since our Founding
95%of Classes
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Why The French American Academy ?

✅ Project Based Philosophy

✅ International Environment

✅ ALL subjects taught in French & English

✅ Emphasis on Social & Emotional Development

✅ Small class sizes with high teacher-to-student ratios.

✅ Enroll early with our Dec.31st cutoff date. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the earlier grades, we emphasize more French instruction, recognizing that English surrounds students in their daily lives. As students progress through the grades, we thoughtfully introduce more English into the curriculum. Our classes are co-taught by French and English teachers, working together to ensure that students become proficient in both languages. This balanced and progressive approach equips students with the skills to confidently pursue their education anywhere, whether in France or the USA.

Yes, our accreditation from the Middle States Association and the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools ensures that our curriculum aligns with both US Common Core standards, on top of the rigorous  French education standards.

Yes, families can qualify for financial aid through The French American Academy Scholarship Program and the French government. 

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