Building a Strong Math Foundation with Singapore Math

Singapore Mathematics Building Strong Foundation

This month, our school welcomed Dr. Monica Neagoy, a renowned mathematics education specialist. Over the last three years, Dr. Monica Neagoy has been working with our school, offering training and guidance to our teachers on effectively incorporating Singapore Math into our curriculum. Additionally, we have integrated the Singapore Math textbooks, authored by Dr. Neagoy, into […]

“An order that sets me free to fly”: The Power of Discipline in Children

How to Discipline Children

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.  -Jim Rohn Discipline – the ability to govern one’s own actions while working to achieve goals – is not always a natural talent. If it were, none of the examples I just listed would apply to any of us! Some people are born with self-discipline, just like […]

Fostering Autonomy at all Ages

As parents and teachers, we understand that our primary objective is preparing children for the future in a loving, safe way. But what does this look like, exactly, for a preschooler, an elementary-age child, or an early teenager? What does it mean to be autonomous at different ages? An understanding of children’s developmental milestones can […]

Conflict Resolution: The Non-Violent Communication Approach

“Words are windows, or they’re walls.”  -Ruth Bebermeyer   As adults, we navigate tension, judgment, conflict, disappointment, sudden changes, and other challenges in our lives day in and day out. How well we manage these situations is directly linked to the foundations of emotional regulation and effective communication that were established within us during childhood. […]

Formal Assessments at the French American Academy

French American Academy in Englewood

Our Philosophy and Tests The French American Academy uses varied forms of assessment in our classrooms (such as project-based work, presentations, discussions, and self-assessment).  Formal standardized tests are minimal and chosen very selectively and mindfully. In fact, at our school, we have only four formal assessments that are offered periodically for students as they progress […]

Unlocking Student Potential with Responsive Classroom Design

Responsive Classroom Design

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”  This quote by Canadian graphic designer Robert L Peters is perfectly applicable to the reason and thought behind mindful classroom design. A carefully designed class reflects our shared cultural values of inclusivity, curiosity, collective growth, and the joy of learning. These values, instilled in our […]