Admissions Overview

Welcome to The French American Academy !

Dear Families,

Welcome and thank you for showing interest in The French American Academy. If you are here, you are considering an international education for your child. 

What exactly is an International Education? It means being part of and being exposed to a melting pot of individuals, cultures, languages, concepts and ideas. In this environment, students are challenged to see the world through multiple perspectives and to ask big questions; how does the world work, how did we get here, and most importantly what this all means.

Our main objective is for our students to develop the knowledge and wisdom that will allow them to go on to live fulfilled lives of integrity, curiosity and purpose. 

We thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to welcoming you at one of our campuses soon.


Anne-Sophie Gueguen

Founder & Head of School

How to Visit the School

In-Person Visit

During our 1hr in-person campus visits, you will:

  • Meet our Administrators & Teachers
  • Visit the campus & see the facilities
  • Learn about our curriculum & teaching philosophy
  • Ask any & all questions you may have

Virtual Info Session

During a 30 minute Virtual Information sessions, you will:

  • Meet our Admission Director
  • Learn about our curriculum and teaching philosophy
  • Discuss whether the FAA is a good match for your child
  • Ask any & all questions you may have

Not Yet Ready to Visit?
Schedule a 15 min Introductory Call Instead

Are you considering a bilingual education for your child but not sure if it’s the right fit?

Let’s talk! Our team is here to offer you a personalized 15-minute introductory phone call to discuss your child educational needs & what learning environment is more adapted to their success.

Information to Know before applying

Cutoff Date - Dec. 31st

At the French American Academy, we adhere to the French cutoff date of December 31st. As a result, children born after October are eligible to enroll a year in advance.

Age Requirement

The earliest a student can enroll at The French American Academy is at 2 years and 6 months of age, in PreK-2. 

You Don't Need to Speak French to Enroll

French knowledge is not a requirement to enter preschool or Kindergarten. Starting in 1st grade, we offer an Accelerated French Program (AFP) for children with no prior French knowledge. After 3 years in the AFP, students will join the bilingual track.


Children entering PreK-3 are required to be potty trained, but it is not required for PreK-2.

Recommendation Form & Report Card

We require parents to provide us with a teacher’s recommendation if a student attended a previous preschool or daycare. Starting from 1st grade, we also require report cards. 

Teacher recommendation Form PreK-K | Maternelle

Teacher recommendation Form Grades 1-5 | CP au CM2


Please visit our Steps To Apply page for more information on the admissions process.


Applications are still being accepted 


Applications are being accepted 


Applications will open in the summer of 2023

- Please Select the Desired Campus to Apply -

Jersey City

Preschool to Middle


Preschool to Elementary



Why The French American Academy?

✅ Well-Rounded Curriculum 

We go beyond academics with field trips to the Arizona desert, New Orleans’ lagoon, Quebec’s historic locations, and much more!

✅ Math & Science Focused 

With dedicated STEM teachers, a math club, and our applied math curriculum, our students are challenged to understand what makes the world function.

✅ Structured Learning  

Our play/project-based approach engages student to collaborate and to develop innovative solutions to real world problems.

✅ True Bilingual Education  

Our bilingual curriculum not only allows our students to speak, read, write, count, & think in both languages, but it also gives students a cognitive & cultural edge over their peers.

✅ Highly Trained Teachers   

Our teachers have a minimum of 3+ years of experience, a masters degree, and they are ALL native speakers of French and English language.

✅ Accredited Education

Our accreditation by both the French & American education authorities demonstrating our commitment to meeting the highest standards in French & American education. 

Discover our Teaching Philosophy

Project-Based Learning
International Education
Social-Emotional Learning
Bilingualism & Co-Teaching

Meet our Admissions Team

Cathy Joly


FAA Angelika


Frequently Asked Questions

The Admissions Process is comprised of 3 steps : 

  1. Online Application ($140 application fee)
  2. Admissions Interview (Both with Parents/Guardians and Child)
  3. Notification of Decision

For more details please visit our Steps to Apply Page.

Yes, we accept students during the year, given the availability of spots.