Steps to Apply

Apply in 3 Steps

Apply to the French American Academy and provide your child with the life-long advantages of learning another language at a young age. 

Both French speakers and Non-French Speakers are welcome to benefit from the excellence of our curriculum.


Applications are being accepted 


Applications are being accepted


Complete an Online Application

A non-refundable Application Fee of $140 is due per application. For students already attending a daycare or school, we will ask for a recommendation form to be filled out.



Admissions Interview

The Admissions Director will acknowledge receipt of your online application and subsequently arrange for a private interview with both parents and the child. 

During the interview, you will meet with the Admissions Director and the School Director to determine whether the school’s values, objectives and academic expectations are right for your child. 

This format will allow for plenty of questions. Depending on the age of your child, she/he may stay with you, join one of our classes or meet our pedagogical coordinator.


Notification of Decision

The Admissions Director will notify you of the decision by email.

The admission team remains at your disposition for any further questions and is looking forward to meeting with you.








Preschool & Kindergarten

Pre-K2Must be 2.5 years old by their first school day.
Pre-K3Must be 3 years old by December 31st.
Pre-K4Must be 4 years old by December 31st.
KindergartenMust be 5 years old by December 31st.
  • Children entering Pre-K3 and up must be potty-trained by their first day of school.

Elementary & Middle School

  • Students enrolling in 1st to 8th Grades must speak French to join the bilingual track.

  • We offer an Accelerated French Program (AFP) for students with no prior French knowledge. After 3 years or when ready, the students will be able to join the bilingual track.

Admissions Calendar for the Academic Year of 2024-25: Key Dates

We encourage families to submit applications as soon as possible, as spots in some grades will fill up fast.

Families can apply through one of three routes: Standard Applications, Quick Acceptance Applications, or Late Applications.

  • Deadline to send complete application: Monday, January 15th, 2024
  • Decision notification: Monday, February 12th, 2024
  • Deadline to submit the enrollment form and pay the deposit: Monday, February 26th, 2024.

Parents whose child is accepted but prefers to wait before committing to The French American Academy will be placed on our waiting list.

The child’s seat is only guaranteed with the submission of the enrollment form and the payment of the deposit.

  • Ready to commit and looking for a fast decision?
  • Submit your application along with all the required documentation, schedule a meeting with the Division Head and Admissions Director, and get a response within two weeks.
  • If accepted, you have two weeks to finalize the enrollment and pay the deposit to secure your seat. deposit to secure your seat.
  • Quick Acceptance is currently only offered for PK2 and PK3 grades.
  • After January 15, 2024, late applications are welcome on a rolling basis. We encourage parents to submit their applications promptly: the earlier we receive your complete application, the greater your chance of enrolling for the requested school year.
  • These applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis: our team will process them and ensure they are complete and ready for late acceptance. 
  • Once your application is submitted, you will be invited to a family interview with the Division Head and Admissions Director. 
  • Depending on the grade, your child may either be accepted or placed on a waiting list:
    • If accepted: to secure your seat, you will have two weeks to accept the offer and finalize the enrollment (including paying the deposit).
    • If placed on the waiting list: as soon as a seat becomes available, we will inform you and send you the enrollment form.

- To apply, please select the desired campus -

Jersey City

Preschool to Middle


Preschool to Elementary



Admissions FAQ

  • 2.5 years old by Dec. 31st of the year they enter the Pre-K 2 program. 
  • 3 years old by Dec. 31st of the year they enter the Pre-K 3 program.
  • 4 years old by Dec. 31st of the year they enter the Pre-K 4 program.
  • 5 years old Dec. 31st of the year they enter Kindergarten.

The admissions process for 2023-24 is currently open, and we are still accepting applications.

To inquire about grade availability, kindly fill out the inquiry form. The admissions office will respond to your inquiry promptly.

The application process for 2024-25 is currently open.

For Pre-K2, Pre-K 3, Pre-K 4, and Kindergarten, we welcome children with or with no French knowledge. Our classes are carefully balanced to include fluent speakers, children with no French, and a range of levels in between.

For 1st–8th Grade, we offer an Accelerated French Program for non-French speakers and a Bilingual Track for students with French knowledge.