International Education

Building Global Awareness Through International Education

Through French and American education lenses, we challenge students to compare, contrast, and analyze different viewpoints.

Thanks to this, our students develop exceptional critical thinking, problem solving, and reasoning skills. That is the objective and the beauty behind a truly International Education.

Best international school in New Jersey

Our Bilingual Education Crafts Tomorrow's International Citizens

We welcome students from all backgrounds and nationalities. Our students come from all over the world, and every student brings a unique perspective and experiences that are celebrated and shared within the classes and the school community. Currently, we host over 50+ nationalities on our campuses.

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International Education at The French American Academy

Starting as young as preschool, we teach our students to think as global citizens. Our students are aware, curious, and interested in learning about the world and how the world works.

Our bilingual curriculum encourages students to ask globally significant questions, analyze evidence from multiple sources, and draw conclusions. Our students recognize that there are multiple perspectives. Students then examine and incorporate different perspectives into their points of view.

Our students effectively communicate their ideas in a diverse community. By applying what our students learn, we encourage students to translate their ideas into appropriate actions to discover and solve local and global challenges. We are committed to providing a global mindset at the French American Academy, where we strive to be one of the best international schools in New Jersey.

Global Citizens

International Education in the Classroom

La Semaine Du Goût

Through events like La Semaine Du Goût, students are exposed to a wide variety of cuisines and cultures. This event brings together students from various backgrounds to try new foods and learn about different cultures, helping to broaden students understanding and appreciation for diversity.

French & American Revolutions

In history class, our students compare and contrast revolutions. By doing so, they learn more than just the dates and places of world events; they understand the WHY behind them.

Foulées Olympiques

Through events like “Foulées Olympiques,” our students have the opportunity to learn about and support global causes. These experiences help our students understand their ability to make a positive impact on the world and encourage them to take action to help those in need.

Benefits of an International Education

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