Tuition & Financial Aid

Invest in Your Child's Future


Investing in your child’s education is an investment in their future    
Revenue allows us to attract and retain the most talented faculty, organize eye-opening field trips across the country, facilitate the integration of new technologies into our classrooms, and most importantly, it allows us to offer financial aid to new and existing families. 

Payment Options
We offer two payment plans. Tuition can be paid in monthly installments or annually. We offer a discount for annual payments.

Jersey City

Preschool to Middle


Preschool to Elementary

Financial Aid

Families can qualify for need-based financial aid through The French American Academy Scholarship Program and through the French government.

Families can qualify for both programs.

What our Parents are Saying

The program they offer is unique: it blends 2 programs (American and French) and goes beyond. The American and French teachers are simply amazing: The teachers are dedicated to the student’s success and take a very individualized approach so that everyone feels included and heard.
The community is international and very caring: parents, teachers, staff. Everyone works together to help children grow and thrive. Bravo!

Parent of a Preschooler

My children have attended FAA for many years. We love the focus on academics, sense of community, and diversity of the school. They provide a rigorous curriculum that challenges and inspires students to reach their full potential. The faculty and staff are highly qualified, passionate, and dedicated, and they work to ensure that each child receives personalized education and care. It provides a unique educational experience that prepares students for success in a global society while instilling values of empathy, compassion, and community.

Jessica, mother of 3 students

My daughter has attended since the FAA opened in 2013, and she absolutely loves her school. Why should you consider this school? For a French family it is a no-brainer. Half of the teachers come from France bringing with them the culture and teaching philosophy. The level is significantly above public schools in France. Even for French parents settled permanently in the US, why deny your child the chance to be completely fluent and be able to communicate in French with grand-parents back home? For American families, the English program is very rigorous, with advanced materials, and children are at no disadvantage vs those in the best private schools. 8th graders have gone on to some of the best high-schools in NY/NJ. As a bonus you will enjoy being connected with the international community of the FAA. And yes your child will be bilingual.

Steven, father of a 6th Grader

“It’s a wonderful school! Our daughters did not speak French until a couple of years ago, and now they love it! They are also getting so excited about reading and math. We love the small class sizes and the intimate feel.”

Parents of Elementary Students

“Our son attends the Middle School and we have been very impressed with the quality of the teaching and his bilingual educational experience in Math, Science, and Humanities overall. You don’t have to be from a French-speaking country to feel welcome and see your child thrive. We would highly recommend the Middle School to prospective families.”

Parent of Middle Schooler

“Small class size and very attentive teachers. The school operates like a small community. The school is sensitive and very responsive to child allergies and that is very important to me. My son started the school at age 2 already fully understanding French, however, he did not speak it back. Being fully immersed in this environment has gotten him to a place where he is comfortable speaking the language and at 3 he is actually speaking both English and French, knows who to speak which language to and can even translate for me (non-French speaker). The school also keeps up with technology, there’s an app where the teachers post often and there’s a communication weekly letting us parents know what the focus is for the week. I’m very pleased with the school.”

Desiree Bredemus

Mother of 1 student