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Jun. 2024


May 2024

  • From Pre-K to Kindergarten: Key Differences Explained
  • Students Compete and Unite at the FAA Olympic Games
  • Fifth Graders Presented Their Exit Projects
  • Eighth Graders Design Inclusive Product Solutions for Para-Athlete Challenges
  • Bilingualism Plus One: Middle School Spanish and the DELE
  • Happy Anniversary, JC FAA!
  • Capturing the 17 SDGs Through Photography
  • Teacher’s Spotlight – Chloé Leguem, Our PE Instructor
  • Alumni Voices – Daria Mehrnia, Class of 2020

Apr. 2024

  • Preschoolers’ Projects Take Center Stage at Parents’ Breakfasts
  • Exploring the Wonders of Science
  • Discovering Jersey City Street Art
  • Model U.N. Conference at Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn, NY
  • Congratulations to Our School’s “Ambassadeurs en Herbe” Finalists
  • Solar Eclipse: A Learning Experience
  • Celebrating Earth Day
  • Teacher’s Spotlight – Meet Jennifer, Our Elementary School Teacher
  • Alumni Voices – Zoe Zwecher, Class of 2020
  • The Impact of Electronic Device Usage on Sleep

Mar. 2024

  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar: A School Field Trip
  • Introducing Sensory Hallways
  • Bilingual Holocaust Study Takes Students to The Museum of Jewish Heritage
  • Les Olympiades de mathématiques
  • Alumni Spotlight – Julian Pilet, Class of 2019
  • Teacher’s Spotlight – Meet Bénédicte, Our Preschool Teacher
  • The Role of Outdoor Free Play in Fostering Learning and Development
  • Visit From Nicolas Louisot, a Trainer and Expert for Sustainable Development Education in North America

Feb. 2024

  • Spreading Love and Kindness
  • Handball Tournament | Building a Strong Community
  • Visit from Dr. Monica Neagoy: The Woman Behind Singapore Math
  • Ambassadeurs, ambassadrices en herbe
  • Celebrating Lunar New Year
  • The Power of Discipline in Children
  • “Ma Petite Planète” Eco-Challenge is Back
  • Teacher’s Spotlight – Meet Cathy Hartranft, our Science Teacher

Jan. 2024

  • Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – A Day of Activities and Reflection on DEIB Values
  • Middle School Students Visit the Seniors at PACO Senior Center
  • Vive la Galette des Rois!
  • Fostering Autonomy at all Ages
  • Students Make a Positive Impact with Food Drive
  • Teacher’s Spotlight – Alexandra Yacoub, Pre-K/K Teacher and Sustainable Development Coordinator

Dec. 2023

  • One Book One Month Project
  • Celebrating Family Traditions in the Holiday Season
  • Secret Snowflake Eco-Friendly Gift Exchange Party
  • Winter Shows Spread a Message of World Peace
  • Small Actions, Big Impact: Ma petite Planète
  • Teacher’s Spotlight – Josephine Ancelle, Our Music Teacher!
  • Conflict Resolution: The Non-Violent Communication Approach

Nov. 2023

  • Teaching Emotional Recognition and Coping Skills
  • 4-Day Field Trip: AEFE Chess Tournament in San Diego
  • Our Approach to Assessments
  • Anne Hoppenot Presents Konekte’s Impact in Haiti
  • Empowering Communities
  • Thanksgiving: A Celebration of Unity
  • Students Donate Food to the Hope House
  • Teacher’s Spotlight – Aline Jourdrin, Our French 1st Grade Teacher

Oct. 2023

  • Preschool Fall Farm Field Trip
  • La Grande Lessive – The Big Laundry
  • “One School, One Book” Project
  • Student Council Elections
  • La Semaine Du Goût – Week of Flavor
  • Foulées Olympiques – A Run with a Purpose
  • Eco-Delegates are Selected
  • Teacher’s Spotlight – Martha Sebti, our English 4th/5th Grade Teacher

Sept. 2023

  • Preschool Obstacle Course 
  • Responsive Classroom Design
  • MAP Assessment
  • Eco-Delegates: Leading by Example
  • #FAAStudentVoices Series
  • You Don’t Need to be French to Speak French
April 2023 Newsletter

April 2023

Raising awareness and taking actions toward sustainable development is crucial in our daily life, whether it is for the long-term health and well-being of the planet and its inhabitants or to create a more equitable society
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March 2023 Newsletter

March 2023

Professional Development is essential for the growth and success of our teachers, which ultimately benefits your children. We take great pride in providing our team with regular opportunities to learn and develop their skills.
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February 2023

We are working together to examine the ethical and practical implications of AI for our students. We believe that this initiative will help us stay at the forefront of educational innovation.
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January Newsletter 2023

January 2022

Sharing our dreams during Martin Luther King Day was a heartwarming way to start the year 2023! Parents, students, and teachers, altogether, discussing, drawing, painting, cutting, gluing, and building a future based on Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy, was indeed the highlight of this month.
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January 2023 Newsletter

December 2022

Our three campuses achieved the milestone of our third re-accreditation. This month, we can also celebrate our community's generous and empathetic spirit. Our students ran the "Foulees Olympiques" to support the Georgie Badiel Foundation, which brings clean water to villages of Burkina Faso. Our campuses raised a total of $19,234!!
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November 2023

We are about to celebrate Thanksgiving, which gives us two opportunities: 1) Spread the word on the true Thanksgiving story, as explained in Rose's blog. 2) Share a word of gratitude to our families, friends, colleagues, and teachers for helping us day in and day out.
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