Daring to Dream at the FAA

“We must remember that intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education. The complete education gives one not only power of concentration, but worthy objectives upon which to concentrate.” –Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  For the second year in a row, the French American Academy designated Martin Luther King Jr […]

Taking Strides to Improve Water Access

Georgie Badiel's Visit at Englewood and Jersey City school, The French American Academy

Imagine living in a situation where every drop of water is precious, where instead of just turning on the faucet, the effort to get water involves walking for miles and carrying heavy loads for you and your children. This is the modern-day reality for people dealing with water scarcity all over the world, and Georgie […]

Autumn Farm Trip for Lower Grade Classes

By Rose Spicher In honor of the first few days of “La Semaine Du Goût”, French American Academy Pre-K4, kindergarten, and first grade classes teamed up for a fantastic autumn trip to Alstede Farms in Chester, NJ. The classes were broken up into small mixed age groups, each led by an FAA teacher or parent […]

La Semaine Du Goût at FAA

The French American Academy - La Semaine Du Goût at FAA

By Rose Spicher During the October month, in French schools throughout the world, students participated in a uniquely French cultural experience: tasting, exploring, enjoying, and experimenting with food during  “La Semaine Du Goût”. What is La Semaine Du Goût? The “week of flavor” started out as a single day on October 15 1990, when schools […]

Building Classroom Communities in the First Month of School

Elementary School at the French American Academy

By Rose Spicher It’s 8:35 on a Wednesday morning, and the students in Marie-Françoise Morandais’ first grade class are enthusiastically zapping each other with electricity during their morning greetings. They shudder dramatically from the simulated jolts, dissolving into giggles after each turn. It’s a lighthearted moment at the beginning of the day, not mentally taxing […]

The Exit Project

The exit project

What is the Exit Project? Every year, our 5th graders end the school year with an Exit Project. But what is this endeavor? The exit project supports the school’s pedagogy on learning by actively engaging in real-world and meaningful multidisciplinary projects. Project-based learning involves a dynamic classroom approach in which students develop deep content knowledge […]