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French Summer Camp in Jersey City
Turn Language Learning Into a Summer Adventure

Dates: June 24, 2024 – August 16, 2024

Age Requirements: 3 years old to 10 years old

Central Theme: Olympic Games

Give your child a unique summer experience filled with French language immersion, cultural exploration, and engaging fun activities! Let your child keep on learning even in the Summer! Inquire to learn about our Bilingual Summer Camp in Jersey City!

At our Bilingual Summer Camp in Jersey City, we believe in the power of bilingualism and the transformative impact it can have on your child’s life. Our camp provides a unique opportunity for children to dive into the French language while experiencing a summer full of learning, adventure, friendship, and personal growth. 

Bilingual Summer Camp

Language Skills 

Immerse your child in an enriching French-speaking environment. Our camp provides daily activities in both languages, allowing campers to absorb French naturally while forming lifelong friendships.

Summer Camp in Jersey City

Discover New Interests

We expose your child to daily sports, music, arts & crafts, STEM, outdoors, cooking, dance, water splashes, field trips, and more! What will your little one come home talking about?

Bilingual Summer Camp

Weekly Themes

 Our summer camp offers a central theme with weekly subthemes, ensuring that your child will never be bored! With a variety of weeks to choose from, you can select the weeks that work best for your schedule!

*Complete our registration form, and a team member will contact you with the exact pricing details for your selected weeks.

Camp Details

Additional Information

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*Children need to be at least 3 years old and potty-trained children to join camp. All grades are entering grades for the school year 2023-2024.

*Children need to be at least 3 years old and potty-trained to join camp. 


  Non FAA Students FAA Students
Weekly Fees (excluding week 2) $625 $520
Week 2 Fees Due to the July 4th observance, the week will be prorated for 4 days.
Early Bird Discount – Register before March 1st – 3%
Sibling Discount 10% (Applies only to the 2nd and 3rd child)
Registration Fee $50 (waived for returning campers) Waived for FAA students
Deposit (applied to camp fees) $300
Extended Hours: 3-6pm everyday of the week

From 3pm to 4:30pm ($90 per week)

From 3pm to 6pm ($125 per week)

Or for occasional aftercare hours, $25/h

Refund Policy

Full payment is due by June 1st to secure your spot. After June 1st, your spot may be reallocated to another family if the registration has not been paid in full. Camp fees are due in full based on the registration form. We may allow changes of booked weeks depending on availability.

Once the summer camp begins, no refund will be issued.

How to register? Please complete and submit this form. Please complete and submit this form.
Payment Method Payable by Check, Zelle, or Credit Card. Your FACTS account will be billed twice. First the deposit and then the on June 1st for the remainder of the camp.

*Complete our registration form, and a team member will contact you with the exact pricing details for your selected weeks.

Themes of the Weeks

Summer Camp Olympics Games

The theme for our 2024 Summer Camp is Olympic Games. Each week, we will explore a variety of subthemes related to the Olympic Games. These subthemes will include a focus on different sports, various participating countries, the city of Paris, and much more!

***Please take a look at the sample activities provided for each week to get a better understanding of what each week entails. Please note that the activities mentioned for each week are subject to change and may vary. Additional activities are also planned for the weeks that are not described here.

Weekly Subthemes

  • Immerse yourself in the thrill of the Olympics with an opening ceremony-themed week.
  • Learn phrases in French and English to welcome campers from around the world.
  • Create flags, banners, and costumes representing various countries.
  • Hold a “parade of nations” where campers showcase their creations.
  • Discover the importance of nutrition and fitness in athletic training.
  • Cook healthy and delicious French and American snacks inspired by international cuisines.
  • Practice mindfulness and relaxation techniques to stay focused and calm.
  • Engage in yoga sessions tailored for children to improve flexibility and strength.
  • Learn about the science behind exercise and how it benefits the body and mind.
  • Get active and explore different Olympic sports each day.
  • Develop teamwork and sportsmanship through friendly competitions and games.
  • Create DIY sports equipment using recycled materials.
  • End the week with a sports day event where campers showcase their skills.
  • Explore the stories of past and present Olympic champions.
  • Discuss qualities like determination, resilience, and perseverance.
  • Create art projects and write stories inspired by Olympic heroes and heroines.
  • Host a “hero day” where campers dress up as their favorite athlete and share why they admire them.
  • Organize a storytelling session where campers can share their own heroic moments.
  • Learn olympic-related phrases and vocabulary in French and English
  • Discover similarities and differences between how France and America prepare for and celebrate the Olympics
  • Create a multicultural mural representing the diversity of the Olympic community.
  • Foster friendships and understanding among campers from different backgrounds.
  • Channel the spirit of the games into artistic performances using music from various countries commissioned for the Olympics
  • Experiment with various art mediums to create Olympic-themed masterpieces.
  • Learn traditional songs and dances from different cultures represented in the Olympics.
  • Collaborate on a musical or theatrical performance inspired by Olympic values.
  • Showcase artworks and performances in a camp-wide exhibition or talent show.
  • Learn about the carbon footprint the Olympics has had on the environment and steps Paris will take in 2024 to host a “greener” Olympics.
  • Learn about eco-friendly practices and how they contribute to a greener future.
  • Create Olympic-themed recycled art projects using materials found in nature.
  • Develop an action plan to implement sustainable practices at home and in the community.
  • Reflect on the highlights and lessons learned throughout the summer camp.
  • Showcase talents and achievements in a closing ceremony performance.
  • Share favorite memories and friendships forged during the camp.
  • Award certificates of participation and special recognitions.
  • End the summer camp with a festive celebration and farewell party.

The Life at the FAA Camp

Our French Summer Camp is the perfect place for children to immerse themselves in a bilingual environment while having fun with a wide range of summer activities. Campers engage in daily learning and practice their French skills in a relaxed and supportive setting. With the help of our native French-speaking teachers and bilingual staff, children of all levels have the opportunity to learn and practice French at their own pace. Each week has a different theme that aligns with daily activities, ensuring that campers never get bored and are constantly learning new French vocabulary. Along the way, they make new friends and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

If you’re interested in learning more about the experience we create at our Bilingual Summer Camp, we invite you to check out our blog.

French Summer Camp  From arriving with no French to leaving camp with a new set of vocabulary, that’s the summer experience we …

*Complete our registration form, and a team member will contact you with the exact pricing details for your selected weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-K/K students (3*-6 years old)
1st Grade to 5th Grade (6 to 11 years old)
We offer a minimum of 2 different groups but are willing to open 3 or more groups. Age groups may vary
from week to week. We privilege grades over age in terms of groups as we have a slightly different cutoff at the FAA.
*Only children who are 3 years old by July 1st, 2024, and fully potty-trained will be accepted.

Yes, your child can stay only half a day at the same rate. We do not currently offer half-day option at a prorated rate.

We will offer extended hours in the afternoon after 3pm.

From 3pm to 4:30pm ($90 per week)

From 3pm to 6pm ($125 per week)

Or for occasional aftercare hours, $15/h

The drop-off starts at 8:30 and runs until 9am for a prompt start of the activities at 9am.


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