High School

Our Approach

The French American Academy High School will commence with our first cohort of Grade 9 Students in September 2025. The Enrolment Waiting List is now open! We will be outline our detailed approach to high school at Back To School Night including our plans for sports programs, our education model and post-high school pathways, our enrollments process and more! In the meantime, here is an overview of our plans for the French American Academy High School.

Our Mission:

  • To open a French American High School that continues the vision of upholding the highest bilingual educational standards in a safe, nurturing and creative environment.
  • To prepare the students for higher education in the best colleges and universities

Our Principles:

The French American High School will be guided by the following principles:

  • To be guided by the values, vision and culture that have made FAA a successful elementary and middle school.
  • To continue an emphasis on bilingual and project-based learning with a global focus.
  • To give students the best chance of post-school success, ensuring they have access to pathways into colleges in the US, France and abroad. 
  • To make decisions based on research and evidence of best global and local practices in secondary education.
  • To consult students, families, and the community at every stage of the project.
  • To ensure a smooth transition between all levels of the FAA.
  • Make prioritize a personalized learning program within a unified cohort of students.

Our Timeline


Back to School Night-presentation of school model and Opening of Enrollments


9th Grade Students Commence High School


10th Grade Students Commence High School


11th Grade Students Commence High School


12th Grade Students Commence High School


Graduation of the first cohort of students!

French American Academy High School Enrollment Waitlist Open!

We have officially opened our Enrollment Waitlist for the French American Academy High School! 

If you have a child in Grade 7 or below please complete this form to be put on the waitlist and to remain up to date with enrolment events and deadlines. We have ongoing enrollments up until our start in September 2025 but it is never too early to secure a place!

Introducing Our High School Director

Eric Woodward


Eric Woodward (MA Teaching, BA Arts, Dip Counselling) has been in education in Australia for over ten years. He is the founder of Global Village School, an educational charity that created an innovative high school model and ran programs to pilot and evaluate a project-based educational model. This model is now being implemented in a school in Melbourne. Eric has held roles as Leading Teacher: Leader of Co-curricular programs, Year-Level Co-ordinator, Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator, and French and Humanities classroom teacher and has worked in a number of public and private school settings from primary to high school. He has extensive training in the International Baccalaureate model, Harvard Adaptive Leadership, trauma-informed education and restorative practices.   

Teaching Through Projects

The best way to engage students and to develop their curiosity & critical thinking is by having them solve real-world problems.

For example: 8th graders developed their data science skills by creating computer programs that would forecast a disease’s severity based on different controls.

Not only does project-based learning develop problem-solving skills, but it also helps students become active learners.

Benefits of Project-Based Pedagogy:

  • Improves understanding and retention of content
  • Increases motivation for all students who learn by actively engaging in real-world and personally meaningful projects.
  • Develops a creative and analytical thinking mindset.

Interdisciplinary Project Example

“Face à Face” The Musical

Student testimonial about their 10-months project to set up this Musical

Supporting the Needs of Our Students

Advisory – The FAA values a personal approach and each High School student is assigned to a faculty advisor. Each advisor acts as the student advocate and liaison between home and school for academic and non-academic matters.

Community Service  – When students get involved in community service, they not only help others but also learn about themselves. They get to interact with people who have vastly different backgrounds, they learn patience and empathy. They expand their worldview and practice real-world skills like leadership, problem-solving, collaboration, time management, and communication, which will help them succeed in high school and beyond.

Learn more about where our students go to high school!

Community Service at the French American Academy

High School FAQs

Please complete this form to be put on the waitlist and to remain up to date with enrolment events and deadlines.