15 ways to facilitate your child’s transition to writing

Fine Motor Skills

Developing and refining motor skills is an essential component of child development. From the moment an infant starts grasping things in their chubby fists (a dangly earring, your nostrils and hair, their siblings’ toys…), they are improving their dexterity and building strength. This work continues naturally throughout their toddler years, through playing, drawing, eating, and […]

Pen Pal Exchanges with French Schools

pen pals

Bilingualism, among its many other benefits, “unlocks” the world for our students. Growing up speaking both French and English, they are better able to access both anglophone and francophone countries and cultures across the globe. To take advantage of these linguistic abilities, teachers in some of our Pre-K and Kindergarten classes at our Jersey City […]

An Underwater Adventure in Preschool

Preschool Marine World

Get ready to dive into the deep blue sea with our PK students! In January, PK3 and PK4 students embarked on a journey to explore the marine world and its incredible ecosystem and above all, they learned about the importance of protecting our oceans. Dive In to Learn How Preschoolers Discovered the Marine World Students […]

How to Motivate Students: The Power of Energizers

How to Motivate Students

Sitting still takes energy!  Maintaining the discipline to digest new information in the classroom while remaining calm and still can be very draining. For this reason, Responsive Classroom teachers are vigilant about students’ energy levels and their ability to concentrate. We know that focus can’t be forced. Energizers are a tool that teachers use to […]

Taking Strides to Improve Water Access

Georgie Badiel's Visit at Englewood and Jersey City school, The French American Academy

Imagine living in a situation where every drop of water is precious, where instead of just turning on the faucet, the effort to get water involves walking for miles and carrying heavy loads for you and your children. This is the modern-day reality for people dealing with water scarcity all over the world, and Georgie […]

Autumn Farm Trip for Lower Grade Classes

By Rose Spicher In honor of the first few days of “La Semaine Du Goût”, French American Academy Pre-K4, kindergarten, and first grade classes teamed up for a fantastic autumn trip to Alstede Farms in Chester, NJ. The classes were broken up into small mixed age groups, each led by an FAA teacher or parent […]