A Breath of Fresh Air

Does anyone else hear their mother’s voice identifying plants in their head, or is that just me?  As I walk around Jersey City every spring, she constantly pipes up:                 Ooh, look at the little crocuses popping up!                 There are the daffodils […]

“An order that sets me free to fly”: The Power of Discipline in Children

How to Discipline Children

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.  -Jim Rohn Discipline – the ability to govern one’s own actions while working to achieve goals – is not always a natural talent. If it were, none of the examples I just listed would apply to any of us! Some people are born with self-discipline, just like […]

Fostering Autonomy at all Ages

As parents and teachers, we understand that our primary objective is preparing children for the future in a loving, safe way. But what does this look like, exactly, for a preschooler, an elementary-age child, or an early teenager? What does it mean to be autonomous at different ages? An understanding of children’s developmental milestones can […]

You Don’t Need to be French to Speak French

Preschool The French American Academy

It’s natural for a non-French-speaking family to wonder if our school would be a good fit for their child. Our experience is that children enrolled at a young age are able to start learning the language through immersion. Young children’s brains are notably flexible, primed for building neural connections and learning languages. During the immersion […]

Keep the Learning Alive: 7 Tips for Preventing “Summer Slide”

French School in Englewood

As the summer season approaches, our students and teachers alike are anticipating the break from school, filled with days of relaxation, fun, and adventure. However, two months away from classroom learning can result in the loss of academic skills and knowledge known as “summer slide”. Families without French or English speakers may also be concerned […]