Empowering Global Communities

In October, our students participated in the 3rd annual Foulées Olympiques, running laps to raise funds for the Konekte and Georgie Badiel Foundations. The students and the community successfully raised $20,150. This amount was evenly divided between the two foundations and donated during the visits of Georgie Badiel and Ann Hoppenot, the co-founder of Konekte, […]

The FAA Olympics is back!

International Preschool in Jersey City

On Wednesday, May 31 and Thursday, June 1, all of our Pre-K/Kindergarten students and elementary students enjoyed participating in 3 hours of teamwork, sportsmanship, and physical fitness during our Annual FAA Olympic games.  Bringing the Olympic spirit to FAA Our maternelle Olympics, in which students from Pre-K2 to Kindergarten participated on May 31, featured fun […]

Pen Pal Exchanges with French Schools

pen pals

Bilingualism, among its many other benefits, “unlocks” the world for our students. Growing up speaking both French and English, they are better able to access both anglophone and francophone countries and cultures across the globe. To take advantage of these linguistic abilities, teachers in some of our Pre-K and Kindergarten classes at our Jersey City […]