French Through Fun: A Summer of Language Learning and Adventure

French Summer Camp 

From arriving with no French to leaving camp with a new set of vocabulary, that’s the summer experience we create for all children at our camp. Our fun summer camp has been designed to provide children with a French bilingual experience similar to The French American Academy’s regular school program—but with lots of summer fun. Each year, we introduce a central theme, with each week focusing on a unique subtheme. With plenty of summer activities for kids, our campers engage in daily learning and practice French through a variety of daily activities such as art, cooking, music, dance, STEM, science, sports, field trips, and other workshops, both indoors and outdoors!


Our French-Speaking Staff Creates a Tailored Environment for Learning and Practicing French while Having Fun


Our summer camp is staffed by our nurturing full-time program, native French-speaking teachers, as well as our bilingual staff. All are speakers of French and have experience working with language learners of all levels. They ensure campers have the opportunity to learn or practice their French language skills at their own pace and in relaxed and enriching settings.


Our summer team creates an immersive environment for the campers, speaking to children in French while guiding them through everyday activities. Campers slowly start to repeat after the staff and absorb the language while making memories that will last a lifetime. With a mix of children who are part of our regular school program and children attending just the summer camp, you can hear the campers exchanging French words with each other. Those with more advanced French skills are helping the other campers while making lifelong friendships! 


Each Day is Packed with Summer Activities for Kids, All Aligned with the Weekly Themes

With a new theme each week, our campers are never bored and are constantly picking up new French words. In our air-conditioned classrooms, our campers partake in activities that align with the theme, so whether they’re involved in arts & crafts, games, or reading, each weekly theme complements the activity, ensuring the learning and fun never stops.


For instance, during the summer camp in 2023, the theme was “Past & Present – People & Civilization around the World,” and campers learned about various civilizations such as Native Americans, Mayans, African Maasai, and Ancient Egyptians. The campers were fully immersed in French and the civilizations they were exploring during their activities. They painted and constructed pyramids and crafted portraits in the style of the pharaohs, designed their own coat of arms, and made papyrus paper. The hands-on projects were both educational and fun. Whether they were building a Gallo-Roman village model, creating totems inspired by Native Americans, or assembling models of fortified castles, the campers actively engaged with the week’s theme. The camp even had specialists from its regular program enrichment team visiting and adding to the excitement by guiding the campers in various activities such as sports, creating complex Lego horse and buggy models, or woodworking.


STEM Camp Activities and Culinary Adventures

Our summer camp offers engaging scientific experiences to our campers. Our STEM activities are designed to continue the learning process even during the summer! Campers use problem-solving skills with tools like Bee-Bot robots, where they learn the principles of coding. They engage in exciting challenges such as coding and decoding Mayan hieroglyphs and creating complex Lego horse and buggy models when specialists from our regular program enrichment team visit.


And what’s a French camp without a taste of culinary art? Our weekly cooking sessions are more than just a yummy experience. They are also aligned with our weekly themes. For example in 2023 , during South & Central America week, campers prepared Mayan-style bread, while African Week saw them crafting a traditional African pie. Campers don’t even realize they’re learning about math, science, and French while cooking. As they measure ingredients and mix them together, the teachers guide the campers in French and explain how the ingredients interact, transforming from one state to another. All the while, the campers are absorbing new French vocabulary, seamlessly integrating education into a fun experience.

Our Campers Engage in Daily Sports and Physical Activities

If you think that the weekly themes are limited to classroom activities, think again! Our campers also participate in daily sports in our spacious gymnasium or outdoors. These sports activities are also themed, integrating learning with physical fun. In 2023, the theme was Past & Present – People & Civilization around the World. As a result, you could hear our French staff engaging with students in French during a game of pok-a-tok, a Mayan game. They also threw javelins just as they did in Ancient Greece, or danced just as the West Africans or Maasai dance. Students learn about different versions of sports and dance from various civilizations! Every year, the physical activities match the theme of the summer camp.


Can There Even Be a Summer Camp Without Water Splashes and Nature Exploration? 

Absolutely not! That’s why our summer campers in Jersey City are always excited to visit the nearby Hamilton Park, where they can enjoy water splashes from the sprinklers and enjoy having fun in our school’s outdoor area, where they play water games. They also get a taste of nature at our Brunswick community garden plot, where our camp staff introduces them to French vocabulary related to nature. The natural exploration continues with visits to Van Vorst Park. Additionally, our campers make educational trips to the local museum or local library, where they can choose books related to nature or any other subject of their interest!


Join Us for a Summer Camp Adventure Like No Other!

From immersive language learning to hands-on activities, culinary adventures, and thrilling outdoor experiences, our Summer Camp offers a summer like no other. Guided by our experienced French-speaking staff, your child will embark on a journey that not only enriches their understanding of French but also fosters creativity, teamwork, and a love for learning. Don’t miss the opportunity to give your child a summer filled with memories, friendships, and skills that will last a lifetime. Sign up for a tour today and discover the unique world of learning and fun that awaits at our camp.

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