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Here, you can discover what’s happening in our classrooms, exciting field trips, activities, and achievements. Join us as we showcase monthly highlights of our Elementary School.

September 2023

Designing Classroom Layouts for Success

In our classrooms, we use a Responsive Classroom Design to create adaptive and inclusive spaces that meet diverse learning needs and promote community growth. Read our blog to discover how our teachers optimize students’ classroom spaces for enhanced learning and focus.

Read our Blog to Discover our Responsive Classroom Layouts>>

MAP Assessment

Our students in 1st to 8th grade have completed the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) tests in English, math, reading and language usage. MAP assessment is given at the beginning and end of each school year. It equips our teachers with essential data to enhance instruction and make student focused decisions.

October 2023

Student Council Elections

Student council elections are held in October and February of every school year. These elections provide a chance for students from elementary and middle school to engage in a scaled-down version of the democratic process, from campaigning, to voting, to listening to the concerns of constituents (i.e., classmates) and trying to make school life more meaningful and enjoyable. 

FAA Students who feel inspired to run for class delegate mount their own campaign with posters and speeches, communicating the ways that they could best serve as their class representative. Each class holds a confidential vote, electing two delegates, and for the next four months these delegates attend monthly meetings with their division head or the head of school. Prior to each meeting, the delegates take note of their classmates’ concerns and requests, then raise these issues with the directors. They then report back to their classes. 

The entire process introduces students to the concept of voting and the responsibilities involved in being an elected official. They practice communication skills and public speaking. In the past, student council meetings have resulted in the installation of a friendship bench on the field, a Middle School dance, and fundraising for recess materials, among other things. Even our youngest delegates learn that they can make a difference for their school through cooperation and communication! 

School-Wide Shared Literacy through One School, One Book

The Jersey City campus of the French American Academy has launched a “One School, One Book” program for the 2023-2024 school year. This project is a powerful literacy and community-building initiative that asks students from Pre-K2 to upper elementary classes to read the same book every month, and to engage in school-wide conversations, projects, and activities related to the book. The books chosen relate to the themes of inclusion, justice, and kindness. Reflecting the bilingual nature of our school, of course we alternate French and English books! 

We kicked off the program in September by reading the book This is a School by John Schu. Older students visited some of the younger classes to read the book aloud, and other classes shared in discussions and reflections, completing artistic and written projects to synthesize their understanding of the book. For October, we are enjoying Pierre et le Loup, the French version of Peter and the Wolf, a story that features various characters contributing their own voices and cooperating to warn and save their friends. Stay tuned to discover our selections for upcoming months!

November 2023

FAA Students Compete in Chess Tournament

Students from our Englewood and Jersey City campuses traveled with teachers Aline Jourdrin and Guillaume Gilbert to the Lycée Français de San Diego to participate in a 2-day chess tournament. Nearly 100 students from 6 French schools across the country came together to enjoy this event. Our students played several games with various new friends, and we are proud that they placed third in the tournament! 

Participants got to meet French chess Grandmaster Samy Shoker, and enjoyed watching him face off with select students and adults in thirty simultaneous matches. After the tournament, the group enjoyed the sights of beautiful San Diego, visiting the bay and spending several hours touring the USS Midway. This famous aircraft carrier was fascinating for our students, who also got to speak to veterans who were on-site for Veterans’ Day. 

Aline and Guillaume put in countless hours of effort for this trip, running fundraising events and organizing a memorable visit for their chess students. We are grateful for their dedication and impressive effort!

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