Bastille Day in Jersey City

Bastille Day in Jersey City

Since 2017, the French American Academy has been proud to host the annual Bastille Day in Jersey City event, where the community comes together to celebrate La Fête Nationale, the French national holiday commemorated on July 14th.

At the French American Academy, we believe that culture and education are essential foundations for adult life. That’s why we take pride in celebrating Bastille Day in Jersey City, not only as a way to honor our shared history, but also as a means of promoting multilingualism and bilingualism within our community. 

We invite you to join us in commemorating this significant day and celebrating the universal ideals of freedom and liberty.

Bastille Day History

About Bastille Day

Bastille Day, also known as Fête Nationale or le 14 Juillet, is a day of celebration and commemoration for the French people. It marks the anniversary of the Storming of the Bastille, a pivotal moment in the French Revolution, on July 14th, 1789.

But Bastille Day is not just a French celebration. It is a celebration of freedom and liberty that resonates with people worldwide. On this day, France holds the oldest and largest regular military parade in Europe on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, attended by the President of the Republic and other notables and foreign guests.

Past Bastille Day at The French American Academy

A whole lot of Joie De Vivre !

Looking back at our past Bastille Day, it was a joyful event filled with a French flag raising, cancan dancing, French music performances, various raffles, French cuisine, bouncy house, mime, and entertainment for kids and families.


Read more about our 2022 Bastille Day, French Flag Raising, at the Jersey City Cultural Affairs website

Read more about our 2020 Bastille Day, French Flag Raising, at the New York French Consulate website. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Bastille Day is celebrated on July 14th. 

Bastille Day is an annual event filled with fun activities for children and families, held at The French American Academy, 209 3rd St, Jersey City, NJ 07302.


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