Middle School STEM at the FAA

Middle School STEM

The fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – known collectively as STEM – affect nearly every component of our modern lives. It is therefore crucial to introduce students to STEM-based problem solving in class at a young age. STEM classes take a cross-curricular approach, challenging students to synthesize their knowledge from multiple disciplines in […]

Linking Goals with Actions for a Healthier Planet

Teaching Kids Sustainable Habits

For the last three weeks, students of all ages at the French American Academy have been boosting their efforts to reduce waste, recycle plastic and paper, walk, cycle, or ride a scooter, reuse materials, enjoy nature, and more. These small actions and gestures are all part of the “My Little Planet” (Ma Petite Planète) challenge, […]

Coding Class: A Cross-Curricular Powerhouse

Coding for kids in elementary school

The French American Academy started offering coding classes to its Elementary and Middle School students in 2018. As the years have passed, coding has been integrated into our STEM curriculum for younger and younger grades, and this year, for the first time, even our kindergarten students are learning the basics of analytical thinking and problem […]

Taking Strides to Improve Water Access

Georgie Badiel's Visit at Englewood and Jersey City school, The French American Academy

Imagine living in a situation where every drop of water is precious, where instead of just turning on the faucet, the effort to get water involves walking for miles and carrying heavy loads for you and your children. This is the modern-day reality for people dealing with water scarcity all over the world, and Georgie […]

Creating Energy and Incorporating Project-based Learning in Middle School

Example of a Project-Based Learning in the Classroom Our 7th-grade students took on the role of being engineers in their science class, and as a team, they built a windmill that produced 22 volts of energy. Over the course of a few weeks, with the teacher’s support, students used their problem-solving skills and science knowledge […]

Math at the FAA: Inside & Out of the Classroom

Elementary School at the French American Academy

Inside the Classroom – Singapore Math This year, the FAA implements the Singapore Math Method. First developed by Singapore’s Ministry of Education in the 1980s, its efficacy has been proven by decades of use in different countries around the world (Trends In International Mathematics And Science Study, 2009).  Why Singapore Math at the FAA? Singapore […]