Congratulations to Our New Alumni!

8th Grade Graduation

On June 6, many of our alumni, middle school teachers, administration, and even current 8th graders came together at Liberty State Park for a reunion, to share memories and reconnect with the school community. We are incredibly proud of our alumni, some of whom we’ve already featured in the “Alumni Voices” section on our website. This month, we are also celebrating our brilliant class of 8th graders, whose graduation was held on Tuesday, June 18.

Alumni Reunion at Liberty State Park

They’re off to amazing places! This year’s students are getting ready to launch their high school careers, heading to a variety of area schools that foster both academic excellence and social-emotional growth. 

While their class and elective choices haven’t yet been determined, our eighth graders are entering high school with exceptionally strong language skills in both French and English: they have excellent language scores on high school entrance and placement exams. This is surely thanks to our small class size, allowing each student to receive individualized education and feedback. It is also due to the fact that unlike other bilingual schools, our split between French and English is more weighted towards French in younger grades, but gradually evens out as students age and prepare for high school. Many of our students enter high school prepared to take AP French classes, typically reserved for Juniors and Seniors, as Freshmen and Sophomores. Those who complete AP French within the first couple years of high school can then have the option to study a third world language in high school, giving them another advantage when it’s time to apply for universities. 

Our eighth graders are aware of these advantages, as well. When asked what they appreciate about their education at the French American Academy, each and every one cited the value of a bilingual education. Not only does it open doors to more of the world, but it also fosters empathy and cognitive growth as well. Students also appreciated the personalized attention they receive from our middle school team. They have strong relationships with their teachers and administration, who have developed nuanced understandings of each student’s academic needs and personalities. Each student is known and respected for who they are; at the FAA, students never fall through the cracks.

With their exemplary language skills, a strong foundation in STEM, passion for justice and the arts, and a commitment to bettering the world, we know that these eighth graders are off to do great things, to shine in whatever path they choose. We wish them all the best for what’s ahead!

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