Creating Energy and Incorporating Project-based Learning in Middle School

Example of a Project-Based Learning in the Classroom Our 7th-grade students took on the role of being engineers in their science class, and as a team, they built a windmill that produced 22 volts of energy. Over the course of a few weeks, with the teacher’s support, students used their problem-solving skills and science knowledge […]

Math at the FAA: Inside & Out of the Classroom

Elementary School at the French American Academy

Inside the Classroom – Singapore Math This year, the FAA implements the Singapore Math Method. First developed by Singapore’s Ministry of Education in the 1980s, its efficacy has been proven by decades of use in different countries around the world (Trends In International Mathematics And Science Study, 2009).  Why Singapore Math at the FAA? Singapore […]

The Exit Project

The exit project

What is the Exit Project? Every year, our 5th graders end the school year with an Exit Project. But what is this endeavor? The exit project supports the school’s pedagogy on learning by actively engaging in real-world and meaningful multidisciplinary projects. Project-based learning involves a dynamic classroom approach in which students develop deep content knowledge […]

Street Art Project: Inside/Out

Diversity project at the French American Academy

Have you seen those large-scale faces looking at you from the windows of the school? Have you recognized some of them? The models are the middle schoolers students who participated in an art project called Inside/out.   Inside/out was created in 2011 by the French street artist JR who received the TED prize and asked […]

A Passion For Books And Creativity

A 6th grader of The French American Academy reading his self-created book to a 1st grader in front of the Jersey City building.

A Picture Book Genre Study In Humanities class, 6th graders participated in a Picture Book genre study; learning about lesson, theme, character, plot, backgrounds, facial expressions, onomatopoeia and more. Bilingualism At The Heart Of The Project In bilingual class they learned about the elements of a story, and used what they learned to inspire a […]

Students Meet Authors

Cover of "Titouan le Goelan" and "La Grande Plongée"

Fruitful Discussions This month has been rich in exchanges with different famous authors: The K to 3rd graders virtually met Celine Lamour Crochet, who wrote the book ”Titouan le goëland”. The main character is a gull who lives on the coast of Brittany with a whole colony of gulls. Nothing differentiates him from the others, […]