Week of Taste

La Semaine du Goût – The Week of Taste

A Yearly Event

Every year, the Week of Taste is an opportunity to offer children activities around food to educate their taste and senses. During this week, games of discovery and creative cooking give children the opportunity to better understand food.

Project-Based Education

A true education of a different kind, children taste new dishes and are enriched by a certain culinary diversity. The youngest prefer, from birth, the sweetness of sugar. The discovery of salty, even bitter or acidic foods is an important step in educating their tastes to perfect the diversity of edible products. 

In addition to discovering new flavors and textures around proposed recipes, children learn to eat in a more balanced way, to appreciate things they don’t know, and to diversify their daily meals. They learn about what is called a “balanced diet” and how to “eat better”.

Food is at the heart of our good health and should be given priority above all.  After all, who today is unaware of the importance of a well balanced diet?

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