Fall Camp 2021

This fall, we have brought back our traditional 3-day Fall Camp. Our Camp is an opportunity for any students who are interested in having fun in French and in English at school during our fall break* while exploring some seasonal activities

A Different Theme Each Day

Our students had the opportunity to enjoy both outdoor and indoor activities with a different theme each day.

On Wednesday, they were enthralled by the colors of the season. With colorful leaves and sticks, they built a fall mobile full of all seasonal items made of different textures. Our younger students dressed a witch with an earthy dress. With pumpkin seeds, they create their very own fall tree. On Thursday, they visited a haunted house full of ghosts, spiders, and scary creatures while enjoying a sweet spider treat. And, on Friday, they decorated paper pumpkins and had a dress-up party

Fun and Learn

Every day, our students used their creativity to make arts and crafts both to decorate the school and their house. They played in French with theme-based games designed to enhance their language and social skills. Reading and story-time filedl their imagination with wonders at the end of each day. Sports and group games were organized both at the local park and in our  gym. Games & Board Games either in French or in English helped them enjoy this precious time of the year.

Other Camps to Come!

Our dedicated staff supervised 3 groups of children according to our cohort system. Both French teachers and English-speaking staff kept each child entertained, safe and happy through this magical fall time. We are already excited to welcome them again during our winter (February 22-25) and spring (April 18-22)  breaks before our annual 8-week summer camp in 2022! 

*Fall Break usually takes place on the third week of October to allow our students a well-deserved restful time after 6 weeks of school. It is also a perfect time for our Team to attend a few days of Professional Development, a valuable time dedicated to enrich our curriculum and promote our project-based learning experience.

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