Fostering a Love of Reading and Creativity

We recognize the importance of bilingual reading and encourage our students to read in both languages. Our library is filled with a wide range of bilingual books, and we offer guided reading sessions in both languages.

A Picture Book Genre Study

In Humanities class, 6th graders participated in a Picture Book genre study; learning about lesson, theme, character, plot, backgrounds, facial expressions, onomatopoeia and more.

Bilingualism At The Heart Of The Project

In bilingual class they learned about the elements of a story, and used what they learned to inspire a fairy tale in French and an original children’s story in English. They even had the opportunity to illustrate their own picture books that they were proud to present and read to 1st graders.

Encouraging Creativity

In addition to promoting reading, we also believe in encouraging creativity in our students. Creativity helps to develop problem-solving skills, enhances critical thinking, and promotes innovation. At our school, we incorporate hands-on projects into our curriculum and provide opportunities for students to explore their interests and passions through independent projects. We also recognize the importance of cross-cultural understanding and encourage our students to explore and appreciate different cultures through our curriculum.

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