Interview of the Week with Marianne Verbuyt

 The students at the FAA love their grammar lessons thanks to Marianne Verbuyt who introduced last year her visual method, an innovative approach to understand noun, verb, pronouns, connectors, etc…
Students are now eager to write structured and complex sentences.

Marianne, what does the FAA mean to you?

F as is in Freedom, A as in Amour because this is the only word in French that is masculine and feminine. A as in Ability, the Ability to adapt to a bilingual population.

Tell us more about you…

  • If you were a city: Pondichery
  • If you were a meal: sweet and spicy at the same time
  • If you were an activity: Classical ballet for the rigor of the dancer’s barre. The mastery of a demanding technique that allows to express the emotion with incredible lightness.
  • If you were an animal: a black panther
  • If you were a book: I can’t have only one. Then, I’ll choose “Au delà de l’humain” de Nikos Athanassiadis and “Le discours de la servitude volontaire” de La Boëtie.

What has been your best moment at the school?

The conversation with the teachers during the Bilingual Fair 2018 who were ready to embark on a new journey and brought the management onto this path.

The argument with one teacher about rap in class, argument that became a founding moment of our relationship.

What is your motto?

Everything you learn cannot be stolen.

To learn more about Marianne, take the time to read this article: https://devenirbilingue.com/expatriation/apprendre-le-francais/conjugaison-francais-challenge-enfants-bilingues/


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