Welcome to the School Year 2019-2020!

A new school year has started which gives us the opportunity to revamp our blog. Every week, we’ll share information either on the FAA school life, or on bilingualism. You’ll also be able to find parenting tips or news stories. Finally, get connected on Fridays for the interview of the week!

The school year 2019-2020 welcomes 276 students in two campuses, and a team of 74 members including teachers, assistants, administrative staff, and managers.
The FAA is proud of its close-knit community and warm atmosphere.

Eight new teachers joined our school this year:

  • Aline in PK3
  • Nolwenn in PK4
  • Alicia in PK2, PK3 and PK4
  • Pauline in K
  • Rose in PK4 & K
  • Carine in 3rd grade
  • Alexandra in 4th & 5th grade
  • Meena in Middle School

Guess who’s coming from Brittany?
Guess who’s originally from Ohio?
Guess who has a dual citizenship, French and German?
Guess who has 3 children?
Guess who can speak Hindi?
Guess who has twin girls in College?
Guess whose age is 2 x 14?
Guess who has been a business manager before choosing to become a teacher?

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