20 Productive Activities during a School Break

20 productive activities during a school break, with or without the help of an adult depending on your age:

  1. Cook a dish or a meal to make someone happy
  2. Bake and decorate a cake to please the eyes and taste of someone
  3. Start a gratitude journal to write each day what we was the best moment
  4. Draw the cover of your gratitude journal
  5. Send an email or a postcard to a grand-parent
  6. Call or Skype a grand-parent or cousin
  7. Read, read and read
  8. Find 5 new words you don’t know and use them in a conversation
  9. Paint as if you were Van Gogh, Monet or Pollock
  10. Draw with watercolor the landscape of your dream
  11. Make an auto-portrait
  12. Plant lentils between two cottons. Add a little of water. Watch it grow!
  13. Sort out 5 things that float and 5 that sink
  14. Choose one city in the world and explore! Find out at least 5 facts about this city!
  15. Cut out of magazines a secret message to your mom and dad
  16. Ask 3 questions to your neighbor to get to know him or her better
  17. Create a choreography to teach to your mom or practice a dance with your dad
  18. Clean up one closet or drawer
  19. Do at least one chore to help your parents
  20. Write a thank you note to someone
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