An Underwater Adventure in Preschool

Get ready to dive into the deep blue sea, PK students!

This month, PK3 and PK4 students are embarking on a journey to explore the marine world and its incredible ecosystem and above all, they will learn about the importance of protecting our oceans.

Dive In to Learn How Preschoolers Will Discover the Marine World

  • Students will participate in projects such as writing a story about fabulous marine creatures. The Maud Fontenoy Foundation proposes this project, and it aims to encourage the public to protect the marine ecosystem.
  • Another project proposed by the Fondation de la Mer, “Plastic arts for the ocean,” invites students to create works from used plastic materials. It aims to raise awareness of how plastic pollution endangers all forms of marine animal and plant life, with severe consequences for human societies.
  • Finally, some classes created an ocean diorama during co-teaching Science class.

Immersing Preschoolers in Marine Life with a Field Trip

All PK classes in Jersey City and Hoboken will wrap up all this learning with a real-life immersive experience in the marine world. Our little budding scientists will visit the New York Aquarium on January 27. They will be “comme des poissons dans l’eau”!

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