Cooking Contest – Concours de Cuisine

Today, three Middle School students, Daria, Maya, and Noah experienced their first Cooking Contest!

Based on the idea and leadership of two students, Louane and Rayana, all Middle Schoolers have been talking about nutrition and gastronomy, experimenting with many recipes over the last two weeks.

From 11 participants in the first round, 3 got selected for the Final. Three judges, among them Michael Faure, a professional chef, had the incredibly difficult task to select a winner.

The 3 students had 45 minutes to cook a dish from scratch with a mandatory ingredient: pumpkin. They had a list of many items and materials available to them and could bring a peer as an assistant.

This was a vibrant and exciting morning where we saw creativity, focus, resistance to pressure, confidence, challenges, and teamwork. These young people have shown not only cooking abilities, and knowledge of flavors but most importantly efforts, perseverance, and passion in their adventure.

Thank you to all who made this event possible. We can’t wait for the second edition next year!




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