Interview of the Week with Delphine Francois

Delphine Francois has opened the first PK3 class of the FAA in September 2008. For the last 11 years, many students from PK3 to Kindergarten have bloomed into independent and curious learners thanks to Delphine.

Delphine can also be proud of her own 4 bilingual children, Alessandro, Naomie, Skyler and Jayden who attended the FAA since the early beginning. Alessandro and Naomie were part of the first 8th grade FAA graduating class.

Besides being a dedicated teacher, Delphine is a runner and ran her 11th marathon in New York City a few days ago. She is always promoting to her students the many values behind running: perseverance, efforts, and positive energy.

Delphine, what does the FAA mean to you?

11 years of my life, my first time job, my children’s childhood and education

Tell us more about you…

  • If you were a city: New York City because of its diversity
  • If you were a meal: Roasted vegetables and wild rice
  • If you were an activity: Running because it is a source of energy and you can do it on your own schedule
  • If you were an animal: An ant because an ant is an hard worker and a team player
  • If you were a book: “Trogon et Pepin” because the children loves it and it brings science to the class.

What has been your best moment at the school?

As a parent, my best moment was to see my own two children graduating from the first 8th grade graduating class.

As a teacher, my best moment happens everyday when I see the light bulb lighting up in the eyes of my students.

What is your motto?

“L’expérience est une lanterne que l’on porte sur le dos et qui n’éclaire jamais que le chemin parcouru.” Proverbe chinois accordé à Confucius

“Just enough laugh + just enough discipline = the students are happy to come to school.”


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