Interview of the Week with Lamys and Sophia

Today, we are celebrating two 5th graders, Lamys and Sophia, both students at the Jersey City Campus. Sophia has a passion for hockey and Lamys is a talented piano player, however, this story exposes a passion they both share: kindness towards others.

Lamys and Sophia, your teachers gave you a special homework assignment last week on World Kindness Day. What were you supposed to do?
On November 13th, we had to perform at least one act of kindness. For many weeks, we have been researching and discussing random acts of kindness that can happen around us, and each week one of us in the classroom shares his or her stories or experiences.

What was the act of kindness you chose to do?
We decided to bring cookies and hot milk to our crossing guard, Gloria. She is always very sweet with us and it was freezing cold outside.

What was her reaction?
She was so thankful. She almost cried. It was cool to see her so happy.

What happened next?
We went to help at the bakery next to our school.  An employee there had seen us giving the cookies to the crossing guard and this gesture inspired her. So the lady at the counter decided to give the leftovers of the day to the homeless by the train station.

That is wonderful! Not only did you bring warmth to someone, but you also inspired others. Your act of kindness is now trickling down and other people will benefit from it. Congratulations!

Sophia, what are your feelings after realizing the ripple effect your act of kindness had?
I was very happy and it was so cool to see the two people smiling.

How about you Lamys?
I was very moved. It was magic to see the faces of those people smiling and happy.

Tell us more about yourself Lamys.
My family is important to me: my mother, my father, and my sister. They always perform acts of kindness. They are always next to me, ready to help me, so I want to do the same for other people who don’t have the same chances as I do.

Tell us more about yourself Sophia.
My family is also important to me. My mother always wants to help people and do more for others. She inspires me. Living with my younger brother also teaches me how to tolerate other people.

Thank you very much, Lamys and Sophia, for your story and actions. You make our school and community extremely proud.

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