Student Council

A Long Standing Tradition

For many years now, the students and administrators convene at The Student Delegate Council which is an instrumental platform for collaborative communication at FAA. 

Collaborative Communication

The purpose of the Student Delegate Council is to give the students an opportunity to develop shared leadership responsibilities with the guidance of their peers and a school spokesperson. The council is made up of two delegates per class as well as a school Division Head.  Elected by their classmates, delegates must above all speak and act on behalf of the group they represent.  

Hands-On Projects

The council meets every month to discuss issues related to student life.  It is a dynamic moment in which the students realize the impact of the representative process by making constructive proposals.  As a result of the council’s goals, many ideas have been supported and implemented since the beginning of the year. 

Some examples created by students include: 

  • Door contests were organized based on different themes
  • An art/gym project was set up to decorate the gymnasium
  • Earth Day planning was entirely thought out by the students
  • A  school wide schedule for restroom breaks to avoid crowds
  • They also managed to negotiate a recess in the gymnasium…
  • They delivered the food donations on MLK day to our neighbors at the Office of concerns.

Thereby, Student Council of Delegates’ meetings reinforces the concept of active engagement in the service of learning and united citizenship within a community.  It is sincerely empowering.

This semester the delegates were Liam, Alara, Lauren, Carly, Juliette, Skye, Gael, and Kacey in Jersey City and Aminata, Caleï, Romain, Saphia, Berta, Zayd, Dawd, and Thibault in Englewood.  We thank them warmly for their investment in the service of others and the school!  

After the Winter break, the second-semester elections will take place.  We look forward to meeting a new team of delegates!

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