The French American Academy on TV!

The French American Academy Live On TV!

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Anne Sophie Gueguen on the set of the Balancing Act segment with journalists and camera interviewing her.

The French American Academy is proud and excited to be broadcasted in a segment of The Balancing Act® show. A team from the show came into our campuses of Jersey City and Englewood to shoot footage of the school life on a typical day. They also filmed and conducted interviews with parents and staff members.

What Is The Balancing Act?

The Balancing Act® is an award-winning daily morning show that brings valuable solutions for modern women to help balance and enrich their life every day. Energetic co-hosts Julie Moran and Olga Vallaverde jump start your day with entertaining, informative segments featuring expert guests. You’ll discover everything from delicious recipes to parenting tips and the latest news in heath and wealth.

A Recognition of the School Proposition Value

The Balancing Act® looks for local businesses impacting the community that can help their viewers balance their life. In our case, they were looking for a local organization close to New York that is a leader in the Education space to be featured as an expert in a 3 – 5-minute segment on “What to consider when choosing a school for your child”. After a thorough review of the landscape, they choose The French American Academy. This is a fantastic recognition of our work of developing a Bilingual Education for International citizens. Moreover, it is an opportunity for the school to broaden its messages of academic excellence, cultural diversity and social-emotional development.

A Community Contribution

From the Head of School to Teachers to Parents to Students, everyone was filmed and participated in this one-in-a-lifetime event.

Behind The Scene

The Balancing Act® team arrived at Jersey City campus on Monday December 13th and they started filming and interviewing Anne Sophie Gueguen, The French American Academy Head Of School. She explained the benefits of bilingual education and how bilingual students score higher in various standardized tests.

Anne Sophie Gueguen interviewed by the Balancing Act team in The French American Academy Library

Then, they filmed kids and classes in action,

A cameraman of The Balancing Act shooting kids in a class of The French American Academy
A cameraman of The Balancing Act shooting middle schoolers in a class of The French American Academy

Teachers also spoke about our bilingual curriculum and how students learn progressively every subject in two languages to eventually become full bilinguals. Courtney Karam, Language Arts teacher in Middle School and Alexandra Yacoub, Lower School Teacher were both featured in this section

A cameraman of The Balancing Act filming Kourtney Karam from The French American Academy
A cameraman of The Balancing Act filming Alexandra Yacoub from The French American Academy

The team then moved to Englewood Campus where they filmed the premises and an outdoor activity in the large open field that this campus has

A cameraman filming a little girl from behind, walking along a corridor of the Englewood Campus of The French American Academy
Students playing outside in the field of the campus of Englewood at the French American Academy

Last, but certainly not least, parents were interviewed by The Balancing Act® reporter. Comora Robinson, from the Jersey City Campus and Lainie Zwecher, from the Englewood Campus, testified how beneficial The French American Academy dual-language approach is to their child.

And Now Watch The Full Segment !

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