Eco-Delegates at The French American Academy

The issue of climate change is at the heart of the debate today: it is urgent to act for the planet. Thanks to the eco-delegates, the FAA mobilizes for the environment and implements various actions in favor of sustainable development. Since last June, 5 eco-delegates from 5th to 8th grade have been elected.

They have 4 essential roles:

  • A relay of knowledge, information, news to his/her peers. They transmit the ideas of the students to the directors and inform the classes of the projects they can participate in.
  • A decision-maker and a driving force in the implementation of actions. They inform all these peers through communication campaigns (posters, articles for the blog, announcements, etc).
  • An ambassador by representing their peers at different meetings. They may also represent our school at local, regional or national events.
  • A supporter of the actions carried out by participating in surveys and project evaluations.

To start the year with immediate actions, the Jersey City eco-delegates invite you to the following events:

  • Sunday, Sept 25th – Hamilton Park
  • Saturday, Oct 1st – Van Vorst Park
  • Sunday, Oct 2nd – Pedestrian Plaza / Grove Street Path

Click here to register for one of these events.



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